Mindy's English Diary 英文日記

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星期一, 7月 03, 2006

I like my school

I Like Qin-Hua Junior High
Jan. 2, 2006
I like my school – Qin-Hua junior high school. The reason is that I have a lot of buddies here and I think my classmates are really kind. When I was in the sixth grade, every time when I had a dance performance, my classmates would start laughing at me as soon as I stepped into the classroom. However, at Qin-Hua, after wearing a silly costume and performing in front of the whole seventh grade, no one has made fun of me.
junior high:國中
buddy:n. 朋友
classmate:n. 同班同學
kind:a. 仁慈的
sixth grade:六年級
step into:踏進
wear:v. 穿
silly:a. 愚蠢的
costume:n. 服裝
make fun of:嘲笑


星期一, 6月 26, 2006


I was Sick
Dec. 26, 2005
I don’t feel very well today. Therefore, after class was dismissed I went to see a doctor. The ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor told me that I have sinusitis. The symptoms include nasal congestion. The medication for it makes me dizzy and nauseous. I feel terrible, and I am worried about the poetry recital competition on Thursday. I think I will have to stand on the stage with my stuffy nose. I think I should cross my fingers and wish myself luck!
don’t feel well:不舒服
dismiss:v. 解散(指下課)
see a doctor:看醫生
sinusitis:n. 鼻竇炎
symptom:n. 症狀
nasal congestion:鼻塞
dizzy:a. 頭暈目眩的
nauseous:a. 令人作嘔的
terrible:a. 遭透的
worry about:擔心
poetry recital competition:詩歌朗誦比賽
stage:n. 舞台
stuffy:a. 塞住的
cross my finger:祈禱
wish myself luck:祝我好運


星期一, 6月 19, 2006


Bad Luck
Yesterday, when my brother went to the school assembly, a branch of a coconut tree fell from the height of four stories onto his head. He said that it landed on him the moment he stepped out onto the field. There was no warning sign at all, so he had no time to avoid it. Immediately, he was sent to the health center. Luckily, there is only a big bump on his head and no serious damage was done. This kind of accident may happen anytime on campus. I just hope that everyone can be careful and no lives will be hurt.
assembly:v. 集合
branch:n. 樹枝
coconut:n. 椰子
land on:落在…之上
field:n. 操場
sign:n. 徵兆
avoid:v. 避免
health center:健康中心
bump:n. 腫塊
damage:n. 損傷
accident:n. 意外
campus:n. 校園
hurt:n. 傷害


星期二, 6月 13, 2006


Da-An Forest Park
It’s a beautiful day today. My brother and I rode our bikes to Da-An Forest Park to enjoy the warm weather this afternoon. In the park we enjoyed looking at many different kinds of gorgeous flowers. The handsomely decorated trees won the gazes of all the passersby. I really appreciated the beauty of nature and adding a touch of human creativity to it can make our lives more interesting.
warm:a. 温暖的
gorgeous:a. 燦爛的
handsomely:adv. 漂亮地
decorate:v. 裝飾
win the gazes:贏得目光的
passersby:n. 行人,過路客
appreciate:v. 欣賞, 賞識
beauty of nature:自然之美
a touch of human creation:人類創意的風格


星期五, 6月 09, 2006

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox
Can you believe it? I am thirteen years old and I’ve just got chicken pox. Lately, I haven’t felt well and I found rashes all over my body. Today, when I went to see the dermatologist, he said that it is very bad to get this disease at my age. Usually, the complications are extremely serious. However, I had the vaccine when I was young. Therefore, my symptoms were really mild.

chicken pox:水痘
rash:n. 疹子
all over:全身
dermatologist:n. 皮膚科醫生
disease:n. 疾病
complication:n. 併發症
extremely:.adv. 非常地
serious:a. 嚴重的
vaccine:n. 疫苗
symptom:n. 症狀
mild:a. 不嚴重的


星期二, 6月 06, 2006

Learning the Guitar

Learning the Guitar
Since I started the sixth grade, I also started learning the guitar. I like to sing along as I play. However, my guitar is for “children.” It’s small. I’ve already grown up now, so I need a standard sized guitar. Today, my mother bought me a second-hand guitar. Even though there is a scratch on the handle, the quality of the sound is still as good as a new one. I’m very satisfied with it.

sing along:邊彈邊唱
grow up:長大
be satisfied with:滿意


星期四, 6月 01, 2006

As a Little Star

As a Little Star
One of my classmates told me that she works in her parents’ store to earn her own pocket money. I would like to earn my own money as well. I am an English actress at PTS TV station. I play many roles in the English TV programs, including “Let’s talk in English and E4Kids.” Sometimes they even ask me to record English songs for them. I think doing all this is very fun, so I enjoy my “work” very much.

store:n. 店
pocket money:零用錢
PTS TV station:公共電視台
role:n. 角色
include:.v. 包括
record:v. 錄音